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Pseudo Trunk 5 Repeater IP Connect DMR System (SINGLE or MULTI SITE) from iPTT Kirisun Americas

Updated: May 22, 2020

Looking for more capacity? More flexibility? You may want to consider our Pseudo Trunked IP connected DMR Tier II Trunking System. We offer a lot of features and flexibility at a lower cost of ownership than you might think. Feature rich with high quality user devices made up of durable portable, mobile radios and software controlled PC based dispatch systems for voice, AVL GPS Tracking and Text Messaging keeping you in control of your users for either large on site usage or multi site wide area system needs.

As our diagram below will show you the structure of a on site Tier II Pseudo Trunk system using 5 DMR repeaters tied to an optional dispatch server to provide remote PC based dispatching over a either public or private IP Network.

The DS5000 Dispatch System provides a full feature dispatcher control over single and multi site systems. supporting voice and data services for DMR radios. The real time audio and radio user's location can be monitored by the dispatch software. The DS5000 also provides the recording management for reviewing events that have occurred. In control centers, operators can also control radios such as remote radio monitor, work status, remote enable and disable when radios are lost.


• Voice Dispatch In the control center, operators can send and receive private call, group call and all call.

• On-line / Off-line Status Reporting The radio will send a register/dis-register message to the dispatcher when the radio is powered on / off. This allows the dispatcher to monitor the status of all the radios in the system.

• Emergency Alarm When an emergency is activated by a subscriber radio, the Dispatch System will trigger an alarm.

• Contact List Management and Quick Access The contact list allows rapid access and management of portable radios directly from the main interface. For contact list, you can rapid send stun, revive, kill, text message, private call and GPS polling.

• Voice Recording(Optional) All the voice call communication will be recorded. All the recording can be playback for reviewing the events that have taken place.

• Message All call, group call and private text message can be sent between dispatcher software and radio users.

• GPS Tracking The real time location of users and vehicles with digital terminals that have GPS can be updated in the dispatcher. The location update interval time can be programmed in each radio by programming software.

• Geo fencing The working regions for a predefined set of radios can be defined regions on the map. Once the Geo fencing rule is infringed by any of the pre radios, a Geo fencing alarm will be activated in the dispatch and be sent to the subscriber unit.

• Mapping It supports Google online/offline Maps and Open Street Map*

System Requirements Operating System

• Location History and Route Playback The map will save all location information for history location checking and playback.

• Digital Stun, Kill&Revive Instantly Stun or Revive any radio on your network directly from the dispatcher software. If the radio has been stolen or compromised, you can send the kill command to disable the radio completely. CPU Main frequency Ram Hard Space Discrete Graphics Display resolution(min) Database Other hardware requirements others Win7 and above 2.0GHz and above 2.0G 1G and above 1G and above 1920*1080 mysql-installer-community- Sound card, speaker, microphone Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5



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