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Interoperabilty enables the connection between traditional LMR RF 2-Way Radios and our iPTT Nationwide Cellular PoC Network (Push to Talk) Radio System.  LMR Two-Way Radios or Cellular Nationwide PTT,  Seamless Interoperation between multiple networks.

Instant push to talk:

one to one, or one to many. Group communications from LMR RF 2-Way Radio to WiFi, 3G, 4G or LAN IP Networks using our iPTT Platform.

Connecting Employees:

Connect everywhere to mission critical information across virtually all traditional LMR RF 2-Way Way Radios, Smartphones, Tablets, PC or dedicated Nationwide Cellular Network PoC Rugged Push to Talk Two Way Radio devices.

Bridging Client Benefits

  1. Extends communication range between all devices

  2. Preserves current investment of 2-Way Radios by bridging systems

  3. Existing smartphone users can now access 2-Way Radio Talk Groups

  4. Improved employee productivity, response time and safety

Public Safety Push to talk solutions from Talkpod America
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