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iPTT Dealer Opportunities

Are you looking for new opportunities in 2022?

Look no further, iPTT is seeking local sales and service partners to join our team. Offer our Two Way Radio Solutions and products to your local end users.


LMR Dealer

Pacific Northwest

Barry -himself- is our best asset. If he changes brands and sells shibang radios next we'll sell em too!! We say "gimmie 10 radios, groups and aliases like this" and they come in - QUICK - almost ready to go! I call and he answers and knows the answers. Invoices are clean and easy AND his English is real good as well, that's a big plus!... LOL

Senior Male Doctor

LMR Dealer

West Coast

The DP480's seem to be a pretty good DMR radio. The Pseudo trunking feature works really well, perfect for a single repeater user that has multiple talk groups. The alert tones are also much louder than other POC radios we've worked with which is a good thing!

LMR Dealer

New England Area

I took a drive where the Hytera PoC's didn't work and had 3-4 bars! My field tech called me on your PoC radios with full bars and he had NO Phone service on his Verizon phone in rural NH. l rate coverage a 9.9 out of 10 after my evaluations, I'm now sold on the coverage. I got all our demos out with potential customers, tough problem to have, need more demo radios.

Man Portrait

LMR Dealer

Southeast US

So I got both portables up and running (thank you), handed one to John a sales guy who's a radio guy at heart. (and a Professional Fire dispatcher) His first comments were, "This thing sounds like a real radio". I agree. SO now, we are like the two 8 year old's at Christmas who just got walkie talkies... I'm watching him drive home on the dispatch software...

Very Cool

talkpod america dealer opportunities dealer meeting
talkpod america will grow your business with recurring revenue


We will show you how, with a couple of easy steps you can have your own Nationwide Virtual Trunking System

We provide multiple solutions for the wireless market through out North America, Dealerships we seek include:


  • Two Way Radio Service Providers

  • Communication System Integrators

  • Cellular Service Providers

  • Boutique Dealerships​

If you are looking for new opportunities for your company, look no further.  We have the tools and programs to advance growth in your industry.​ From complete training of our solutions to monthly recurring revenue streams, iPTT has the tools you need to propel forward in this new emerging Wireless Communications industry.

We are a value added Manufacturer Rep firm seeking partnerships through out the United States
to provide creative strategies and new opportunities to LMR Dealerships

Benefits of a iPTT Partnership:


  • Low minimal dealer start up cost

  • No huge annual contract commitment

  • Multiple programs to choose from

  • Local dealership footprint

  • Product and system feature training

  • Personalized marketing help

  • Two Product Programs  with a growing roadmap

    • (IN HOUSE)  Digital DMR Tier II and Tier III 2-Way Radios & Systems​

      • (DMR Compatible with: Motorola Mototrbo, Hytera, Vertex, Kenwood, Tait and others)​

      • Can be used for in house or wide area communication systems

        • End Users such as​:

          • Schools and Universities​

          • Property Management

          • Manufacturing, Warehousing

          • Golf Course and Country Clubs

          • Shopping malls and many more

    • (WIDE AREA)  SMR like iPTT Network 2-Way Radios

      • (Nationwide or Worldwide Coverage)

      • Earn recurring revenue using our proven dealer program

      • Many features of very expensive high tier radio systems

        • End Users such as​:

          • Security Guard Companies​

          • Trucking Industry

          • Construction

          • Hospitality Transportation

          • Government Agencies and many more

iPTT Dispatch Android Mobile Portable Fa


  • RF Bridge / Gateway System - (Platform Interoperability)

    • Bridge any traditional ​RF 2-Way Radio System into our Nationwide 2-Way Radio Network for more communication range

    • iPTT Tech Center Support / bench setup for each Bridge is included, each system is ready to use out of the box

  • Wide variety of 2-Way Radio Accessories

    • Compatible and available for:

      • Motorola​

      • Kenwood

      • Hytera / HYT

      • Icom

      • Vertex Standard

        • 1, 2 and 3 Wire Acoustic Tube Surveillance Kits​

        • D Loop and Ear Hook Surveillance Kits​

        • Speaker Microphone Shoulder Mics

        • Speaker Microphone Listen only Short Ear Pieces

        • Replacement Ear Molds, Ear Buds

        • Audio Adapter Connectors

        • Battery Eliminators Car Cords

        • Alkaline Battery Cases

        • Replacement Antennas

        • Replacement Belt Clips

        • Replacement Mobile Radio

          • Palm Microphones

          • Mounting Brackets

          • DC Power Cables

        • Aftermarket Single & Six Unit Universal Rack Charger Charging Systems

  • iPTT Service Programs to help your success

Give us a call and lets get to know one another, the best way to understand and ask questions you may have about our programs and product offerings.  Call our Dealer Service Line, we look forward to speaking with you.


Sales Management

Product Distribution, Chicago


Tel:      847-728-8500

Fax:     888-696-0431




Our dealer program is reserved for Two Way Radio Companies, Cellular Providers or Equipment Integrators

that meet geographical and specific requirements with the ability to service clients technical needs.

Thank you, your message has been sent.

Business Meeting


Enables the connection between traditional LMR RF 2-Way Radio Systems

and our iPTT Nationwide Cellular Push to Talk Network

Seamless interoperation between multiple networks

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