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Meet our DP990 Professional Heavy Duty Digital DMR Portable Two Way Radio

Our DP990 is a DMR portable with ergonomic design and rich digital functions, helps to improve management efficiency and responsiveness in emergency. (Tier II & III, SFR, IP68)

  • Radio includes a 3 Year USA Device Warranty*

We offer complete Professional

DMR and PoC Solutions

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1.8” Graphic Dot-matrix True Color Display

The large-size color display allows good visibility even under extremely strong light.

Reliable and Durable

DP990, MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP68 rated, delivers you reliable communication even in the toughest conditions.

Multi-Mode Operation

It supports analog conventional, digital conventional, MPT trunking, and DMR Tier III trunking, facilitating smooth analog-to-digital transition. Multiple advanced analog signaling, including MDC1200, DTMF, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, provides higher expansion capacity of the current communication systems.

Secure Communication

DP990 provides basic and enhanced encryption capability, including ARC4, DES, and 256 bits AES encryption algorithm. It secures voice calls and data transfer among the team members.

Rich Services

It supports rich voice and data service, including all kinds of voice calls, text and status message, GPS location, VOX, emergency call, priority call and all call, besides Tx interrupt roaming, dual-slot pseudo trunking, kill, stun, revive, remote monitoring, radio check, VOX, vibration, real time clock, and scan.


Built-in Bluetooth for connecting with a variety of accessories like PTT button, and earphones.

SFR - Single Frequency Repeater

It works as a single-frequency repeater in digital mode, greatly saving frequency resources and extending communication range in DMO.



We support interconnection with other private communications networks, for example, Analog, DMR Tier II and Tier III networks, through the Smart Gateway.


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