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Introducing the NEW PortaMobile from Talkpod America: EZ School Bus Install, No License Two Way Radi

For Immediate Release Chicago, IL


DOT compliant, EZ Install, GPS Tracking and No FCC License required

School bus radios have come a long way backwards when compared to the products of a half century ago. Today’s legacy 2-way radio systems cost more to purchase, more to maintain, and more to operate. The new PortaMobile Network Radio changes everything!

Unlike cell phones, which do not comply with DOT standards, the new PortaMobile meets all applicable standards! Unlike legacy 2-way radios, no FCC license is required or expensive infrastructure to purchase and maintain! No outside antenna is required on the bus and installation involves only five self tapping screws! GPS tracking with emergency calling and radio conversation recording is standard and the operating range is guaranteed to give you rock solid coverage wherever you may be! Best of all, equipment purchase cost is minimal, and operating costs are reasonable.

Want to compare pricing with other types of bus communications? Want to try before you buy? Want a spreadsheet analysis to prove financial, legal, and safety reasons to prove that you need PortaMobiles and need them now? We can do that!

Please call Talkpod America at 847.728.8500, or visit, or email HERE. *** Talkpod America

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