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Push to Talk?

A definition of Push to Talk
Push to Talk (PTT) is a service that enables wireless cell phone users to instantly communicate. Users activate this feature by simply pushing a button. The button switches your cell phone’s mode from voice transmission mode to voice reception mode. People liken this operation to using walkie-talkies. That’s because PTT switches phones to half duplex mode, so only one party can speak at a time. Most wireless carriers are now offering this service. Previously Push to Talk was used most commonly in telecommunications and construction. Some carriers refer to their PTT service as “Push to Talk over Cellular,” or PoC. In most cases, carriers allow only users of their own networks. Fortunately, there are whispers of cooperation between carriers, who would set standards to allow PTT service inter-carrier.
Two-way radios versus Push to Talk
Some business owners, especially small business owners, are unsure of whether they should utilize two-way radios or Push to Talk on mobile devices for their employees. Deciding whether to go with PTT is something that business owners should consider, especially because there are distinct disadvantages to using two-way radios in business. For example, two-way radios don’t have the additional features that PTT does. Two-way radio communications aren’t as secure or private as PTT communications. Two-way radios have limited reach, while workers using PTT can be in different cities, states, and even countries.
Benefits of Push to Talk

Business owners choose Push to Talk as a service for improving employee productivity. Employees instantly communicate with one another and start working when they have the ability to talk to colleagues, managers, and foremen with a simple push of a button. When businesses choose America’s most powerful network as their carrier, they’re able to provide larger group-calling sizes and contact assignments for their workers. In fact, this leading carrier makes it possible to talk instantly with up to 250 people at one time and to create up to 130 predefined groups. This carrier also allows users to communicate as easily as possible with each other, thanks to greater interoperability.

Business owners should ensure that they’re choosing the most powerful carrier for their employees. With advanced features like high-definition voice calling, support for simultaneous voice and 4G LTE data use, the nation’s largest, most reliable network makes it possible for businesses to be more productive and efficient than ever before. And, Push to Talk can put workers’ and owners’ minds at ease about safety concerns, because it’s possible to access 911 during an emergency while using certain carriers.
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