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Two-Way Radios, Reasons why they’re Still Relevant

You might be curious as to why two-way radio is still a thing. We encounter people on a daily basis who are curious as to why anyone would want to use what is essentially 80 year old LMR technology in an age of cellphones and portable devices. The answers is surprisingly easy: in many cases they are still the best tool for the job at hand. The core benefits of two-way radio are unchanged: they provide effective, durable communications. The more modern benefits go far beyond that: two-way radios are constantly being enhanced (like the onset of digital radios), and they are capable of integrating with compatible applications and systems beyond what the average consumer would believe. Selecting the best communications tool for a specific task is always comes down to individual user requirements, and most of these can be met by modern two-way radio equipment. Consider the following 6 reasons when making your next communications decisions:

  1. Instant Communication increases worker productivity and safety: press a button and start talking!

  2. Different call types allow you to specifically select the audience for your message. You can make a private call to an individual, calls to a defined talk group, or all-call to anyone with a radio.

  3. Reliable availability so you can make calls when you need to. Two-way radios are higher powered than mobiles providing better coverage, and you can design your radio system to give total coverage in your environment.

  4. Manageable costs allow budgets to be set and stuck to. There are no call charges when you use your radios.

  5. Rugged, reliable devices offer higher reliability than “consumer-grade” phones. With IS and FCC designated products, most manufacturers offer two-way radios designed to withstand the toughest conditions around. High/low temperatures, water immersion, drops: suppliers produce radios to withstand them all.

  6. Advanced new functionality is building on traditional radio capability to bring value-add features like texting, job-ticket management and GPS tracking to further enhance worker effectiveness and safety.

While there are a huge variety of two-way radio products and peripherals – and several core decisions to be made when considering a two-way radio purchase,

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