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We provide multiple solutions for the wireless market, serving Two Way Radio, Cellular and Boutique Dealerships through out North America is our main focus.

If you are looking for new opportunities for your company, look no further...  We have the tools and programs to advance growth in your industry.

From complete training on our solutions to monthly recurring revenue streams Talkpod has the tools you  need to propel forward in this new emerging Wireless Communications age.

Sales Management & Distribution, Chicago

Tel:      847-728-8500

Fax:     888-696-0431


If you are a Business or Government Agency seeking our services please contact us direct, we will put you in touch with one of highly trained local Solutions Partners to service your ongoing needs locally.  We have many services and programs to keep your team on the air and working efficiently

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Please tell us about you and the Solutions you seek. By learning more about your needs this will help us create custom solutions and options just for you.

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